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Tesco Cold Store

Tesco have chosen to install R-Tile interlocking floor tiles as it trialled successfully in their store in Blanchardstown as they needed a practical and robust full proof flooring solution for their cold rooms.

Tesco opted for the best possible option using R-Tile interlocking floor tiles, incorporating a special adhesive that penetrates the joints and solidifies creating a fully sealed membrane.

The R-Tile textured dovetail interlocking floor tiles are manufactured from hard wearing PVC providing a cost effective, robust, and hard wearing flooring solution.

The R-Tile industrial floor tiles are particularly suited for cold rooms as they are impervious, easy to clean and maintain and create no problems unlike concrete floors. This makes them much more hygienic and easy to keep clean and as well as enhancing aesthetics, they are also more convenient for logistical purposes such as when moving trolleys.

Tesco Facilities Management team have approved the refurbishment of the next batch of stores in need of repair agreeing that “R-Tek has provided the best solution. This trial was a success. The installation proved to be very efficient and hassle free during normal operating hours and we're very happy with the outcome in terms of function, appearance and practicality”.

R-Tek Manufacturing are now the preferred supplier of flooring solutions for Tesco Ireland.