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The Sustainable Solution

At Manufacturing

All of our R-Tile interlocking PVC tiles are manufactured using either virgin or recycled plastic content and at the end of their service life the tiles are 100% recyclable and 100% re-usable.

At Installation

R-Tile tiles are designed to overlay existing floors, which means there is no waste to be incinerated or taken to land fills. Except in certain conditions the tiles are loose laid without the need for adhesive and so there are zero VOC emissions.

Post Installation

A typical installation will normally result in a percentage of the ordered material being left over. R-Tek Manufacturing will remove all waste PVC for recycling for use in new products.

End of Service Life

Increasingly customers are keen to see their flooring recycled at the end of its life. This is not normally an option for most flooring materials, the majority of the waste being incinerated or sent to landfills. R-Tile is 100% recyclable, at the end of its service life the tiles can be granulated and re-used to manufacture new tiles.