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Interior Auto Motive Components

Brief Description

IAC is a leading global supplier of auto motive and component systems. IAC has 80 manufacturing plants worldwide with 2 of these based in the UK. Their customers include BMW, Jaguar and Ford.

Description of Area

R-Tile was installed in the two manufacturing plants in the UK. In one factory they were used on the main factory floor. In the second manufacturing plant they were installed in an area where car dash boards were made.

Floor Title Used

7mm textured hard studded industrial interlocking floor tiles were used in the main factory floor area because of the forklift traffic. In the area where car dashboards were being made 5mm soft was installed. There were only light wheel trolleys so the 5mm soft studded floor tiles were suffice. The anti-fatigue properties of these tiles also meant that a good comfortable environment was created for the employees who are on their feet throughout their shift.

Area Covered

Main factory floor – 2800m2

Dashboard manufacturing area - 800m2

Time taken to install

It took 5 fitters 6 days working from 10pm to 7am to install the industrial floor tiles to the main factory floor.
It took 3 fitters 4 days working from 10pm to 7am to install the floor in the dashboard manufacturing area.


"When I was asked to upgrade the two different areas by head office my main concern was how to install a new floor over an existing one without disrupting production, as we are a 24/7 operation. Our customers all work with a just-in-time system and we get penalties if we are late with delivery of parts. It is my responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The only product that offered me a solution was R-Tek. In both factories the installation time was half that of the competition. I am pleased to say we didn’t experience any down time whatsoever during installation of the R-Tile and have found that product to be extremely hard wearing. It has certainly improved the look of the areas where it has been installed. It has also been well within my budget targets.

I have no hesitation recommending R-Tile and will be using it to upgrade other areas of the factory when required."

Jim Waters Facilities Manager