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R-Tile Interlocking Floor Tiles Installation Guide

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R-Tile flooring products are quick and simple to install and the tiles do not require a DPM or to be glued to the floor.


The minimum temperature for installation is 15ºC (minimum temperature for both the room and the tiles) and the floor tiles must be stored in the installation area for a minimum of 24 hours before work commences to allow the tiles to acclimatise. If the tiles are to be laid in an area where they will be sitting in direct sunlight it may be necessary to glue the tiles down to prevent excessive expansion. Please consult our sales team for further information. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your warranty.


To achieve best results it is advised that all areas where R-Tile industrial floor tiles are being installed be thoroughly cleaned before installation begins. Sweeping all surfaces clear of debris and removing any items that could cause inconsistencies is best practise.

Measure Area

Measure the length and breadth of the area and find the centre point of the space. Mark this point for future reference, this is the area you will begin to install your floor.

Begin Installation

Installation should always start from as close to the centre of the room as possible. Make sure tiles are square with any walls or fixtures to reduce the need for cutting. Starting from your centre point begin laying tiles from the centre outward until you have installed all full sized tiles. To lay tiles simply line up the interlocking edges and connect them using a rubber mallet or engineering hammer.

Cut Tiles to Fit

After installing all possible full size tiles allow the floor to settle and then cut tiles to fit to walls and fixed points. Cut tiles to measure using a table saw, guillotine or jigsaw, although a straight edge and a sharp blade such as a Stanley knife will also work in most cases. When cutting make sure and leave a 5mm gap between the edge of the tile and the wall for expansion.

Corners & Edges

R-Tile is available with a unique corner and edge system (not available in Slate range). Edges & Corners are not only aesthetically appealing but allow easy movement of equipment such as pallet trucks over the edges of tiled areas.


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