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Hobson Electrics UK

Brief Description

Hobson specalise in the installation of audio and visual equipment in cars.

Description of Area

R-Rile interlocking floor tiles were installed throughout the work shop floor.

Floor Title Used

5mm soft studded mix of black and red commercial floor tiles.

Area Covered

210m2 of commercial floor tiles were installed.

Time taken to install

2 of Hobson Electrics UK’s employee’s installed the floor, they took approximately 12hours to complete the installation.


"3 years ago I decided to extend my work shop area. We went from 25m2 work shop floor space to 210m2. I had been painting the old workshop floor area and was never quite happy with durability of the paint. When we extended I decided to use R-Tile for the workshop floor. I have found that the performance of the floor is great. It is easy to clean and my employees say it is great to work on. It has been installed for two years now with no visible sign of wear."