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Floor paint alternative

Floor paint alternative

Advantages over floor paint

  • Does not flake

  • Does not chip

  • Lasts over 20 years

  • Easy to clean

  • Quick & Easy installation

  • Can handle heavy duty, cars, pallet trucks etc.

Our floor paint alternative of interlocking floor tiles offer an option that means you don’t have to repeat the installation every 6 months. We offer a product that has been engineered to be heavy duty and quick to install.

We have had several clients that had opted to go with floor paint until they were introduced to our R-tile range. They see the long-term benefit of saving money and time. These tiles have been used everywhere from large factories and retail stores, to gyms and garages.

If you need further convincing on why this tile is better than floor paint call our expert sales team on the number below:

0800 028 4722

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