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Cleaning & Maintenance

Listed below are a selection of Cleaning & Maintenance tips:

To keep your floor looking pristine it is important to put a simple cleaning and maintenance programme into place. This cleaning regime will depend on the usage that your floor will experience. It can be broken down into 3 different categories.

1: Protection

As with any flooring product one of the first ways to protect the floor is to have a large entrance mat installed. This will prevent the majority of dirt, gravel and moisture spreading onto the floor. This mat should be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals.

2: Initial Clean

After the floor has been installed it needs to be thoroughly brushed or vacuumed to ensure that any dirt and residues are removed that might have occurred during the installation process.

We would then recommend applying Evans Vanodine Highclass Neutral Cleaner but if this cannot be found a vinyl floor cleaner [available in most DIY stores] can be used. After allowing the cleaner to stand for 10-15 minutes, scrub the floor using a floor scrubber/polisher fitted with green pad. Then rinse the floor with warm clean water until all traces of dirt and floor cleaner have been removed.

3: Surface Protection With Polish

It is not necessary to polish the tiles however this is down to customer choice. We recommend Evans Vanodine Enhance Polish, however any vinyl floor polish which can be bought in DIY stores can also be used. The polish should be applied after the initial cleaning. Two - three coats should be applied evenly to the dry floor with a mop. Between applications wait for the previous film to dry until firm enough to walk on. All coats should be applied on the same day.

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Spray Cleaning and Burnishing

This is an ideal system for cleaning and maintaining light to medium soiled floors using a high speed floor machine/scrubber dryer. This method will improve gloss durability and slip retardancy.

  1. Sweep floor.
  2. Add Evans Vanodine Highclass Neutral Cleaner or similar neutral detergent at the recommended dilution.
  3. Burnish using scrubber dryer machine with proprietary red pad or similar brush head. For spot cleaning spray a fine mist onto the floor approximately 1m in front of the machine and burnish floor to obtain required finish.

Mop & Dry Burnish

This system is better suited to heavily soiled floors and heavy traffic areas. Mopping to remove the soiling before burnishing ensures the soil does not act as an abrasive and contribute towards reducing the performance of the floor polish.

  1. Sweep floor.
  2. Add Evans Vanodine Highclass Neutral Cleaner or similar neutral detergent to bucket of warm water at recommended dilution.
  3. Damp mop floor with solution to remove soiling. Allow to dry.
  4. Affix suitable pad to floor machine.
  5. Dry burnish to remove scuff marks and develop the surface finish.

Depending on the level of use and usage conditions, the sealer film should be checked at regular intervals for signs of wear and tear and a renewed sealer operation performed if required. For this purpose, after thoroughly removing dirt and other residues, apply sealer to the dry floor. It is possible to carry out repair and renewal of partial areas.

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If you require a polished finish on your ESD or Anti-static floor the product we would recommend is SELSTAT. Selstat is a high performance dissipative floor polish. It retains performance even at humidities as low as 11%. Independently tested to IEC 61340 -4-1 and BS 7506.

Selstat is applied like a normal floor polish, however it is important that a dedicated set of cleaning equipment is used - do not use equipment that has been used on other floor types or areas of the building where it may have come into contact with strong acids or alkalis. This could damage the ESD performance of your floor. When cleaning the floor a neutral PH floor cleaner must be used.

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