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British Energy

Brief Description

British Energy are a significant company operating within the UK’s power supply industry.

Description of Area

R-Tile was installed throughout the main turbine hall of one of the UK’s nuclear power stations.

Floor Title Used

7mm textured hard standard industrial interlocking floor tiles.

Area Covered

Main turbine hall 2000m2

Reactor housing building 600m2

Time taken to install

Installation of the industrial floor tiles took 6 days with a 4 man installation team.


"We looked at several options prior to choosing R-Tile as we had been painting the floor with a two coat epoxy resin every two years, with all the logistical problems that entails. The product needed to be able to withstand a point loading of in excess of 2 tonnes and provide a warmer feel to the area in question.

We are delighted with the performance of the R-Tile as are our engineers who find the benefits of comfort under foot and heat insulation combined with the vastly improved aesthetic to be excellent in comparison to previous flooring solutions.

We have begun rolling this product throughout different sites in the UK."

Mr W Clarkson Facilities Manager